MotoGP 06 ? 360 trailer

Xbox Live stalwart?s next gen debut

Posted by Staff
SPOnG?s just been sent this rather splendid video trailer of THQ/Climax?s essential next gen Xbox Live motorcycle racer, MotoGP 06.

You can grab the trailer from here:

Large - 640x360
Quicktime (36.4MB)
Windows Media (23.6MB)

Small - 320x180
Quicktime (17.2MB)
Windows Media (7.1MB)

We are sure that you will agree that the graphics and visual effects really are breathtaking. MotoGP was one of the first game?s to really set the Live network alight, and this next gen outing for the series is sure to do the same when it is released in June.

As well as eye-meltingly good graphics the game also boasts new tracks, bike models and refined handling, plus, current season data giving an unprecedented accuracy to the real sport.

SPOnG doesn?t really follow the real sport, so we?re not really bothered too much about the data. What we are bothered about is spanking our mates on Live at speeds of over 200mph with our knees scraping the tarmac in the most realistic and fastest motorcycle racing videogame yet known to man.



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