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Plus Famitsu Awards 2005

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(source: Famitsu)
(source: Famitsu)
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SPOnG has just been pointed to a scan from the latest issue of Japanese gaming bible, Famitsu, which seems to indicate that Nintendo are planning to introduce a new colour for the DS Lite - that colour being black.

SPOnG thinks that it is all well and good for Nintendo to announce to the Łber-priviliged Japanese gaming community that they can have yet another colour of DS Lite, but what we really want to know is; when can we get our mitts on the iPod-a-like white DS Lite in Europe? Come on now Nintendo, get us told! With these black DS Lites in Japan, you are merely teasing us now.

Now that our girlfriends have also noticed the widespread TV advertising for Animal Crossing Wild World, and have started to express more than a passing interest in running away with our current DS's, we really do need to get hold of a shiny white DS Lite.

Plus, this way it's a clear win-win situation for both SPOnG and for our better halves, as we get the shiny new gizmo to show off to peers on those rare occasions we venture away from our screens, and the ladies get the premier designed-for-children DS wonder toy on which they can live out their fantasies of domestic bliss, wilfully ignoring the fact that they have unfortunately chosen to shack up with game and gadget-obsessed human males.

In further news from our Japanese cousins, SPOnG also noticed that Nintendo cleaned up in the recently announced 2005 Famitsu awards, with Animal Crossing DS, Nintendogs and Brain Training all picking up awards, which (if you can read Japanese) you can see on Famitsu's website.

Or, if like us you havenít got past your Berlitz Japanese in ten easy lessons CD yet, you can see the results right here (with all relevant Japanese sales figure per title):

Best Hit Prize
Oideyo Doubutsu no Mori (for Animal Crossing DS) / 2,442,397

Rookie Prize
Shadow of the Colossus / 208,340
Rogue Galaxy / 354,516

All Generation Prize
Nou wo Kitaeru Otona no DS Training (for Adult Brain Training) / 1,924,670

RPG Prize
Tales of the Abyss / 554,816

Frontier Prize
Ryuu ga Gotoku (for Yakuza) / 343,615

Innovative Prize
Nintendogs / 1,197,220

High Quality Prize
Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence / 131,479

Super Visual Prize
Dead or Alive 4 / 81,212

Portable Prize
Monster Hunter Freedom / 576,866

MVP Game Designer
Tetsuya Nomura - Square-Enix

MVP Game Manufacturer

Excellent Game Character Award
Professor Kawasima (for Adult Brain Training)

Grand Prize
Kingdom Hearts II / 1,106,705
Biohazard 4 (Resident Evil 4) / Gamecube :227,990 / PS2:443,147

(source: Siliconera)


SilverDogg 24 Apr 2006 21:06
this is what i read regarding black lite at another place.

":P Itís just enamel navyÖ all of the magazines in Japan with pictures of navy DS lite look black. Itís because of bad color balance and poor lighting.. Plus, enamel navy looks black enough in real life anyway. Seriously..donít get so excited."
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