Animal Crossing Coming to Revolution

Series Director speaks at GDC.

Posted by Staff
Animal Crossing’s Series Director, Katsuya Eguchi, made a few interesting comments about the development of the series and its natural progression onto the Revolution at a speech he gave at the GDC yesterday, humourously titled “Is That a Franchise in Your Pocket?”

Mr Eguchi had the following to say about the forthcoming Revolution version: “Much like the conversion from the console Animal Crossing onto DS, we are now exploring how to bring what we have developed in Wild World onto Revolution. This time it is about bringing the world we’ve set up on DS over to the console world of the Revolution.”

Now, SPOnG is already thinking of the myriad possibilities for developing the game specifically to make use of the Revolution’s capabilities. Better graphics and innovative control (which both go without saying, really) plus improved fan-made online features, such as shops where you could go and buy fan-designed furniture and bits and bobs, unlimited growth of detailed landscapes and cities, and so on.

The possibilities, we are sure you can imagine, are endless. If you have any ideas of your own, then don’t be shy - let us know in the forum below.


majin dboy 24 Mar 2006 14:36
this would definitley appeal to me.
so lets see the revolution is going to have Final fantasy,animal crossing,metroid,mario.what other confirmed games are there?
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