Hitman kills a chicken

Not an actual chicken. A man in a suit.

Posted by Staff
Check out this latest batch of screens from Eidos’ forthcoming Hitman: Blood Money in which anti-hero Agent 47 is seen to kill a man dressed in a chicken suit.

A man dressed as a chicken would be nothing to bat an eyelid about really in the midst of Carnival, as anyone who has seen the classic Bond debut of Roger Moore in Live and Let Die vouch for. This is far and away the best opening scene in any Bond movie and, as such, is also SPOnG's defining cinematic memory of the New Orlean's Carnival scene - a frightening and chaotic city overrun with voodoo-driven killers.

What is definitely not usual for Carnival, as the Eidos press release so usefully reminds is, “to see a professional hitman stalking such a man in costume…sadly for the man in the bird suit, he must have rubbed Agent 47 the wrong way, because he is trying out a few of his new kill moves at the bird man’s expense!”

New Orleans is one of the many new locations that Agent 47 travels to in Hitman: Blood Money, and it looks pretty freaking good, we think you will agree.

The release goes on to tell us that: “advances in technology allow for a never-before-seen amount of characters to appear on-screen at once, making this ultra realistic party environment one of the most astounding locations that gaming has ever seen.”

Hold on a cotton-pickin-minute right there Eidos! We have heard this spiel about ‘never-before-seen’ amount of characters on screen at once somewhere else recently. Oh yes – the doomed Starship Troopers from Empire. And look where that ended up! (Gamestation bargain box anyone?). Lets just hope, for the sake of the good folk at Eidos if nothing else, that Hitman: Blood Money fares a little better than that title.

As well as new environments, Hitman: Blood Money also boasts a few new features such as the Blood Money system, which allows characters in future levels to react to you based on the style you chose to complete previous missions. SPOnG will be bringing you a full, in-depth preview of this PS2, Xbox and PC title as soon as we get to see it.



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