Games Inferno rise from the flames with Miner Willy in tow!

Online games giant makes a come-back. Games available for play accross three online platforms

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Games Inferno back in action
Games Inferno back in action
On-line gaming has seen some ups and downs recently, not least the collapse of BarrysWorld earlier this week. Another company that put the brakes on its on-line gaming was Games Inferno. Telecom service provider PowerNet, a company that went into receivership in September of last year, hosted the company. Games Inferno finally had the plug pulled on its servers in mid-December, a fact which left a lot of dedicated gamers and clan members looking for a new home.

With a new round of investment, a sound business plan and a new service provider in the shape of INS, Games Inferno has gone back on-line this week. The servers are hosting the usual mixture of Quake, Unreal Tournament and Half-Life along with Elite Force, Ground Control and Counter Strike. Games Inferno is also offering a range of innovative web games that are developed in-house. Titles such as Fantasy Fighter, a turn-based fighting game that can be played from a PC, a WAP enabled phone or a BT EasyCom phone, can be accessed free on the site.

OK, hands up who can remember Manic Miner. Games Inferno has the ZX Spectrum version of Miner Willy?s first escapade playable on the site, and that is just the beginning. In the next few weeks Games Inferno is hoping to bring a whole range of ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 titles to the page. Just log on and tell them your favourites.


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