Nintendo Responds to Red Tulip Animal Crossing Glitch

Flower power to the people.

Posted by Staff
Nintendo of America has issued a statement regarding a rather strange glitch in the acclaimed online life-waster Animal Crossing: Wild World. As you may have heard at your town gates, users reported receiving blank letters containing a big red tulip. Once the tulip was tried out for its decorative value in the players’ homes, it stayed there. Like an unwelcome relative at Christmas.

Eager to stamp out chatter which pointed towards a scurrilous hack of its newly-fledged online kingdom, Nintendo issued the following statement:

"We have isolated the problem and determined that there was a temporary error with the upload tool when this letter was posted," said Nintendo, pointing towards the tulip issue being a technical glitch – not a hack. "Thankfully we have been able to limit the number of people affected by removing the related file from circulation. Players who have received the letter should delete it before placing the Red Tulip anywhere in their characters’ homes."

Unfortunately for those blighted with having a big red flower they don’t want in the middle of their virtual homes, no retrospective fix was issued. "We are investigating ways to remove the item from the homes of players who have experienced game-play interference," explained Nintendo’s technical team, "and we will update the Animal Crossing: Wild World FAQ on when we have more information to share."

So what to do? Our guess is that having a big red tulip in the middle of your house will soon be seen as a mark of respect amongst the increasingly strange Animal Crossing community. Not only does it show that you were ‘in from the start’ - it also acts as a little piece of history of which we should all be proud.

We’ll let you know if a fix for the blight is found.


aishlin 18 Nov 2007 03:45
yeh how to u get ino crazy redds store
Animalcrossing101 5 Sep 2009 11:17
It has to be stopped.
heyitsdanny12 24 Nov 2011 15:58
The flower was invisible...
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