Exclusive: Codies Sign Major Korean MMO

Become the world’s supreme ArchLord.

Posted by Staff
Codemasters Online Gaming have this morning issued yet more news for MMO fans. The growing online division of the leading Britsoft publisher has just signed the western publishing and operational rights to ArchLord from NHN Games, one of the biggest Korean MMO developers and publishers.

ArchLord is currently of the most anticipated MMORPGs in open beta service in Korea, who lead the world in the MMO genre. This suggests to SPOnG that Codemasters Online Gaming are doing a little more than just jumping on the MMO bandwagon, and instead making some informed buying decisions based on some canny market research.

The game has an interesting USP, if you are a megalomaniac (which SPOnG is) you can rise up through the game to be the one player who rules the ArchLord world for one month. This will enable you to make use of 'God-like' powers, such as climate control - so if you've become the Archlord and you have enemies living in low-lands, why not order loads of rain to flood them out!? Bwahaha!

David Solari, Director of Codemasters Online Gaming, commenting on this interesting twist to the genre, said: “ArchLord is an incredibly important signing for Codemasters Online Gaming and NHN has delivered an amazing world and a unique player objective. This incredible feature, where players compete to become the ArchLord and personally shape the game world, has never been seen before in any MMO. It’s sure to capture the imaginations of Western gamers and make ArchLord a landmark MMO launch for 2006.”

The game’s world, Kantra, is apparently “...fantastically realised with stunning visuals, created using Renderware”, and the game features in-game audio recorded by the world famous London Symphony Orchestra. The storyline is bog-standard fantasy stuff – think conquest, betrayal, epic adventure, ancient relics of the Archons, incredible powers, ultimate mastery and ArchLords!

ArchLord will launch in Q3 2006 in the US and Europe simultaneously, and will be published and operated by Codemasters Online Gaming, the company’s recently formed online entertainment division.


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