America Dreamcast Games market Stunted

Team 17s Stunt GP is finding United States immigration laws tough.

Posted by Staff
The forthcoming remote-control racing car game Stunt GP is facing some problems with publishers Infogrames. England?s famous and well-loved software house Team 17 could be looking for another publisher to release the Dreamcast and PC versions in America. Team 17 proved that originality is the key to success when they released the excellent Worms back in 1995.

Stunt GP is shaping up to be another killer app with beautiful visuals and solid gameplay. In Stunt GP players earn ?aeromiles? for staying in the air and successfully performing tricks. Stunts can be linked together to create impressive combos and score multipliers. These aeromiles can be spent on upgrading your vehicle in several ways to improve speed and handling. The PlayStation 2 needs quality software if it is going to prosper and Stunt GP will become a feather in its cap.

Legal wrangles prevented Team17 Development Director Martyn Brown from commenting, but he did tell us that Titus is handling the publishing of Stunt GP worldwide on PS2, and on the Dreamcast and PC in Europe.

We believe the American market would benefit from the release of Stunt GP on DC and PC, but Infogrames seem to think otherwise. The Dreamcast having four controller ports and the PC with its network capabilities would suit the multi-player aspect of the game down to the ground. We?re sure that SGP will make it onto these platforms in America, and Infogrames come to regret their decision when they see how well it performs.


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