Online Animal Crossing Ignites Japan

As well it might - women advice inside!

Posted by Staff
Online Animal Crossing Ignites Japan
Good news! You know how you’ve always wanted to meet Japanese girls? Of course you do; meeting Japanese girls is the holy grail of game geekdom. Well, you’re in luck, as Nintendo reveals 149,999 opportunities for you to do so.

Animal Crossing: Wild World, or Doubutsu no Mori DS as it’s known in the East, has sold through a whopping 350,000 at launch, meaning that you’ll have one hermaphrodite and hundreds of thousands of giggling girls to play with from the comfort of your own DS Wi-Fi network. DS hardware sales also soared, with NCL reporting 160,000 new sales of its plucky twin screen portable.

So there you have it. The embarrassment of hiding in your bedroom at your mum’s house can pay off when you net a delicious Asian girlfriend, get married, move to Tokyo and become Miyamoto’s new protégé.


sionevs 1 Dec 2005 16:35
Sounds good enough
sionevs 1 Dec 2005 16:36
The only problem with that, is when you finaly get to see you'r asian bombshel and 'she' turns out to be an obese, middle age american man
Joji 1 Dec 2005 18:51
I wouldn't know about that, but 350,000 is a damn lot of sales for one game. I'm glad to see it's a DS game at that. Now that the DS is online too, we can all meet up and make new gamer friends across the planet.

Whether Nintendo lets you exchange details with other gamers is one area that they'll have to sort out. It would be horrible to find good players and not be able to contact them properly when not gaming.

Due to not having a wi-fi USB adapter yet I can't say if they do or not, and if not I hope they improve things later. However Animal Crossing would make an interesting DS purchase if there plenty of people playing.
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