SEGA Rally to Return to Arcades?

Three trademarks applied for by SEGA.

Posted by Staff
Great news, SEGA watchers! It appears that the mighty SEGA is applying for three trademarks, fuelling speculation that new titles could be joining Virtua Fighter 5, House of the Dead 4 and Afterburner on the next generation Lindbergh arcade system.

SEGA, it transpires, has applied for a renewal of the SEGA Rally trademark, specifically for arcade purposes. This news alone has been enough to whip us into a frenzy of desire, with a remake of the classic arcade rally franchise long overdue. It’s no secret that a new SEGA Rally game is hurtling towards PlayStation 2 next year – take a look at the Japanese website here.

This isn’t all, though: two other trademarks have been applied for: SEGA Formula Racer – it doesn’t take much working out what that could be – and Mystic Ocean. We’re wondering if Mystic Ocean could be a sequel to Mystic Defender, the Megadrive platform shoot ‘em up based on the Peacock King Kujakuo anime.

SEGA racing games for both track and road and a third Mystic mystery game? It’s all very exciting, isn’t it? We’ll bring you details as soon as any confirmation comes from the direction of Japan.


Sega999 26 Oct 2005 10:28
Hey... wait a second, didn't 'The Stinger Report' claim this back in June and everyone said they were wrong??? If we are now saying that they were right as far back as June I might have to change my mind about that newsletter.
config 26 Oct 2005 10:54
Sega999 is astroturfing for Stinger Report, and I claim my five pounds.
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