Xenosaga for DS

Namco bringing epic RPG to handheld platform.

Posted by Staff
There?s more information on Namco?s Japanese site of their forthcoming remakes of Xenosaga I and II for the Nintendo DS.

The Nietzsche-quoting RPG epics on PS2 were prequels set 1,000 years before the RPG classic Xenogears on the first PlayStation. Developed by Monolith, the games also featured 2001-style erm, monoliths(!) which powered the spaceships of the 5th Milliennium.

Now it would seem, the saga is being remade for DS and venerable Japanese website Game Watch has run an article on it today. The new stuff on Namco?s site (helpfully labelled ?New? in English) is information on the game?s characters and some rather good looking (for DS, anyway) 3D shots. The rest of the game is done isometrically with sprites so we?re assuming that this version will feature 3D cut-scenes just like the originals. Cool, eh?


majin dboy 21 Oct 2005 13:51
its about time the DS got a proper epic RPG.i was hoping that lunar dragon song would fufill my needs... i was wrong
Joji 21 Oct 2005 20:40
Great to see some decent rpgs crawling out of the woodworks. This one is looking cool.

At the moment all the best DS games are from japan, which begs the question, can western developers compete on an even creatively minded footing, with their eastern counterparts?

What western DS games can you really say are making you buy a DS? I'm counting very few on my counter so far.

Perhaps this is an area that's more PSPs.

OptimusP 22 Oct 2005 12:18
Well that's reason number one to believe that the Revolution will receive a lot of Japanese support and sell well in that region. Those guys are becoming really gaga for anything that is a solid attempt to re-innovate the gameindustry.

And western developers never were really good at handheldgames, seriously, look trough your GB-GBA collection and go count how many western made games are in there. Japanese have a nack at creating funky games with a lot of fun, perfect for handhelds.
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