Nintendo: DS to get "host of different peripherals"

First details on Rumble Pak – item no. 1 in a series.

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The Nintendo DS will see what the company has described as a “a host of different peripherals” released in the coming year, with the Metroid Pinball-driven Rumble Pak the first of many add-ons for the portable.

Speaking to SPOnG at last week's Digital Life Expo in New York, Nintendo representatives explained that there will be many add-on components for the DS, all of which will make use of the machine’s Game Boy Advance slot.

As mentioned, the Rumble Pak ships with Metroid Pinball later this month in the US, leading us onto a few new details we have on the game. MPB will be the first DS outing to offer eight-player simultaneous gaming, all from one cartridge - perhaps a veiled apology of sorts for the delay of the hotly-anticipated DS version of Metroid Prime: Hunters, a game whose online brilliance was first reported on these very pages.

The Rumble Pak will also work with the upcoming RPG Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time slated for a December release in the west.


mattlacey 20 Oct 2005 16:02
Surely Bomberman DS supports 8 players on one cartridge?
fluffstardx 20 Oct 2005 21:49
I hate to think what some of these could be.

A tilt sensor seems an obvious one. Nintendo loves them. But what else? Another sunlight detector? A better microphone? A connection port to allow it to link with a Micro?
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acidviper 21 Oct 2005 00:43
Microphone port is already confirmed. Its that wedge beside the headphone port.

I'm hoping we can use the Revolution add-ons somehow. That would be something. DS Nunchuk pack for FPS.
soanso 21 Oct 2005 02:15
Rumble Pak
Tilt Sensor

that;s my guess
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