Summertime in the middle of winter

New watersports title coming to PlayStation

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This jump is going to end in  tears
This jump is going to end in tears
It might be freezing outside but it?s summer indoors. Don?t let the weather get you down, it?s important to remember that it will get warmer. What you need is some thermal videogame action to warm your soul. Midas Interactive has the answer we are looking for, why bother with that expensive holiday when you can bring California to you? Coming soon for the PlayStation from Midas is California Watersports.

A little imagination, a fire and a copy of this game could help alleviate the frosty blues. Developed on Australia?s gold coast this forthcoming game will allow you to compete in a variety of water sports based events. You will be taking part in several judged competitions on your ability to ride the waves. In California Watersports you will be able to choose from a selection of surfboards, jet watercraft, windsurfers and bodyboards. All this and you don?t even need a wetsuit.

If you don?t want to suffer the pressure of judged competition there is no rule that insists that you have to. There will be a free ride option where you can just play in the ocean until you are content. This will be a good opportunity to develop your skills and enjoy the game.

California Watersports will be a four-player game so multi-player games will be very social experience. You can either compete with your friends for the biggest air, best wave rides or the most extreme trick in a session. If you have played Tony Hawk?s Pro Skater you will have a rough idea of what to expect from this game. Similar to Tony, the more you try to accomplish in one trick the harder it becomes, making things difficult for yourself fuels the determination to master the game. Thus making the game so much better when you have it down. When you have perfected your skills it?s time to enter the competition to prove you are the true master of the waves.

California Watersports will be with us this month, keep your eyes peeled.


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