Monkey Ball DS - First details!

Wireless multiplayer, minigames and more?

Posted by Staff
If yesterday was emerging Sega news day, today must be Sega news follow-up day, with the first details of Sega?s Super Monkey Ball for DS augmenting yesterday?s joyous information announcing Super Monkey Ball for Nintendo DS.

The game will feature 100 levels of Monkey-balancing glory and five completely new minigames, all designed specifically for the DS. As well as a combat-Pong game, in which players draw a fresh bat for each return, you have blowing races and, erm, some other stuff we?ve not quite uncovered.

The good news is that stylus input has been fully confirmed, with three variations of touch-screen control offered by Toshihiro Nagoshi?s Amusement Vision Team.

And that?s about all we have right now ? Check the forum for a fat, juicy Famitsu scan and, of course, let us know your thoughts.

Super Monkey Ball DS will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show next week. Check back then for hands-on details and screens?


TigerUppercut 8 Sep 2005 10:32
Famitsu scans:

8MB Zipped
Thief 9 Sep 2005 01:17

I DL'd that zip and there were no Monkey Ball screens, haha.
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