Game Boy Micro Priced and Dated for UK!

It?s pretty, it?s cheap. And pink!

Posted by Staff
Nintendo Europe has confirmed full launch details for the Game Boy Micro, with the delicious new GBA iteration slated to hit retail across the continent on November 4 this year.

The machine will be available in four colours - silver, green, blue and, brilliantly enough, pink - and will be priced at an entirely reasonable 69, cheap for any modern necklace, especially one which plays Mario World.

And now for a corporate quote from Nintendo Europe spokesman and international grumpy person, the high waistband-rocking Jim Merrick!

?The Game Boy Micro is the latest fashion statement from Nintendo and is an absolute must have for those looking for a stylish console. This new product takes everything gamers know and love and condenses it into a sleek and sassy shell. Game Boy Micro is about expressing yourself and the way you play video games.?

Reports that Mr Merrick has been seen ?bustin? the Micro ?wit da yout? could not be confirmed at time of going to press.

SPOnG has something of an interesting history with the Game Boy Micro and even managed to take it to pieces and photograph it. You can see those pictures here.


way 17 Aug 2005 11:46
The Game Boy Mobile phone unit that never saw the light of day. Remember that, I wonder if this is based on it. Pity, if it had the phone and Java/palm capability it would be quiet good for a child's knick knack

sunkai 17 Aug 2005 12:03
From my perspective as a fully-grown human being, the screen looks as though it will be too small to view comfortably, and the small form factor will prove fiddley.

At that price point, it's appealing to pay the extra 20-30 for a DS and having access to its library of games.

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TwoADay 17 Aug 2005 15:59
I agree. While it will play games like Mario fine, what about the RPGs or other Text-using games? doesn't look like it will be easy to use, at all.
Philip Wesley 18 Aug 2005 15:23
I'm a little depressed it can't play GB/GBC games.
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