2D PSP Castlevania Dreams in Tatters

DS only for true classic series.

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2D PSP Castlevania Dreams in Tatters
It has come to light that the PSP will not see a two-dimensional Castlevania game, with only fashionable 'modern 3D' titles being offered for Sony’s slab of portable sexiness.

Speaking in an interview bagged by Gamasutra, Castlevania series stalwart Koji Igarashi kiboshed hopes of a return to classic form for the vampire action platformer on anything but Nintendo portables.

“To tell the truth, I don't think it's even that 2D is only possible on handhelds, but more that it's only possible on DS,” said Igarashi-san. “Personally speaking, I'd jump at any chance to develop a 2D game for any console, or even the PSP, but those chances are getting fewer and fewer. I feel like the DS is the last fortress of 2D gaming. So if we can get a younger audience with this DS 2D game, and prove to them that 2D gaming is worthwhile and fun, maybe then we can increase the market for that type of game.”

However, there is hope, in the form of a comically Japanese impassioned plea!

”I'd like to ask any gamer that cares about this to educate their children about 2D games, and maybe together we can build a bright future for this type of gameplay.”

You see!? It’s not only us and a few disillusioned forum users that believe two-dimensional gaming is not only the past, but the future. It’s important people with proper jobs in the games industry!

Back on point, it is a shame that Castlevania was forced into the world of 3D. The series to date simply hasn’t worked, with playing fields lacking the depth of content required to cut it in such a tight market filled with quality action-platformers. The latest 3D offering shown at E3 was met with blanket disinterest, so perhaps Konami’s comments will be amongst the first to convince Sony’s product submission department that two-dimensional gaming can be as commercially viable as it is enjoyable.


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