Bubble Bobble DS! First Screen and Info!

Well, perhaps info is a little strong…

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Bubble Bobble DS! First Screen and Info!
Taito Japan has released the first screen and a tiny morsel of information detailing Bubble Bobble DS, for Nintendo’s DS platform no less. The image, which SPOnG believes may be the result of a leak, shows, well not very much really. Sorry about that.

Announced several months ago and carrying the title Bubble Bobble Revolution, the game will make as-yet undisclosed use of both the console’s microphone and touch screen. Erm, this isn’t going too well is it…?

However, it gets a bit better. Taito is also working on Bubble Bobble Evolution for PSP and Rainbow Islands Revolution for Nintendo DS, all of which sound mouth-wateringly interesting we’re sure you’ll agree.

Expect updates on all games featuring bubble-blowing dragons as they break.


kid_77 1 Aug 2005 10:01
Jesus, it looks like a Megadrive game.
config 1 Aug 2005 10:49
Is that such a bad thing?

It is Bubble Bobble after all. They could have easily killed it try to "go 3D" (ick!)

Staying true to the original (though across two screens, it seems) is, IMO, a good thing.

Triv of the day: My two cats are called Bubble and Bobble.
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kid_77 1 Aug 2005 11:04

I've got nothing against the 2D-ness, and I loved the Megadrive. It's just been a while since a new game has featured such text-book, pixelated, colour blending (as featured in the sky).

Surely the DS can do much lovelier sky textures?

PS This is all moot, since I don't own a DS (yet).

EDIT: Agreed on it not going 3D. Played Worms 4 (briefly) at the weekend: not a patch on the first two ;-)

Oh, and excellent pussy names.
Joji 1 Aug 2005 12:58
Well it looks okay to me. In an age of 3D swish bang graphics it's nice to see some 2D gaming like it. A nice contrast to what we are used to. Bring it on.
config 1 Aug 2005 13:39
Ah, I see where you were going.

I actually disregarded the low colour dithering as a result of the image being saved as a low colour GIF at some point (perhaps by the "leakor")

As for the cats, I went through a few names; Flip & Flop, Ruff & Tumble, Bubble & Squeak, Head & Heals. The wife vetoed all but Bubble and Bobble (which are, of course, affectionately known as Bub and Bub)
kid_77 1 Aug 2005 14:08
Now you mention it, it does whiff of gif (I gone done a funneh!!11)
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