Electronic Arts Slams Sims 2 Paedophile Claims

"Nothing improper or vulgar in the Sims 2".

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Electronic Arts Slams Sims 2 Paedophile Claims
Electronic Arts has moved to condemn recent panic surrounding a modification for its recently released Sims 2, making for some of the most straightforward comments heard from the publishing giant.

As you will be aware, this week saw oddball legal man Jack Thompson make some incredible remarks about the game, branding it a training aid for paedophiles, details of which you can read here.

“This is nonsense,” said Jeff Brown, spokesman for EA. “Reasonable people understand there is nothing improper in the game. Reasonable people recognise what mods are. A consumer who chooses to use a mod does so without any kind of agreement with the company. There is no nudity. There is nothing improper or vulgar in the Sims 2.”

Brown continued, “Reasonable people understand the San Jose Mercury News is not responsible for vulgar things that people doodle into the margins of the paper.”

Electronic Arts will no doubt be looking to avoid entering into a similar debacle that is engulfing Rockstar for its Hot Coffee mod, the fallout from which has seen action taken in the House of Representatives stateside.


Joji 28 Jul 2005 12:29
Fairplay to EA on this one. I'm tired of these overreactionary w****rs finding every evil they can about games because they are trying to gain media points in a double standard quest to save the children.

These folk should try and learn what a mod is and also a little bit more about games how they are made first before attacking an industry that's making them a lot of money.
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