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Let your iDog see the stars!

Posted by Staff
We like running news like this. Sometimes, it even results in a whole preview. Like this one for Sega?s iDog.

But this isn?t an iDog. It?s a planetarium. From Sega. And from what we can tell, it?s the best planetarium - with a Sega logo on it - that you can put in your house in the whole wide world.

According to the Japanese PDF press release, Sega?s Homestar is a device tailored for the consumer who enjoys spending time alone in the dark staring at the ceiling, a hobby our friends at is perfect for most socially excluded males.

Anyway, should you want it, and you know full well you do, it?ll cost about 170 imported from Japan. Which is a lot we know, but hey, what can you do?


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