UK Charts: Zoo Inmates Squeeze Juiced Out

THQ's boy racer running on fumes behind Activision.

Posted by Staff
Last week's jubilant return to number one for THQ was a short-lived affair, as the first fruits of the summer's inevitable multi-format movie tie-in are born in this week's ELSPA/ChartTrack Entertainment chart. Already three weeks on the chart, the theatrical release of Dreamworks' animated zoo-break caper, Madagascar, boosts sales of Activision's game-of-the-film. Coupled with heavy advertising on kiddie's TV, the six-format title bounds from number six to the top spot.

It's not all gloomy for THQ though. Juiced may have been pushed out of pole position, but in its drop to a still respectable number three position, stablemate Destroy All Humans! moved up one place to number two. EA's Medal of Honor: European Assault bears all the signs of a top five departure as it slips from two to four. Last week's top 10 new entry, Sony's God of War, holds steady at number five.

With little movement elsewhere in the top 10, this week's highest new entry is another Hollywood/Activision snuggle-up; Fantastic 4. With the movie still to go on general release on the UK, expect big movement for this one next week. The only other new entry this week is Capcom's eagerly anticipated stylised splat-em-up, Killer 7. Simultaneously released for Gamecube and PS2, the title shows its schizoid face at a rather disappointing number 15.

This week's only big mover comes courtesy of the Open at St. Andrews, with EA's Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 given a long drive from last week's 40 to 21.

Brace yourself for an almost unseasonal raft of new releases next week. Team17, always keen to parade its small pink wobbly bits, brings Worms 4: Mayhem to the PS2. Codemasters' Brian Lara International Cricket arrives in a timely manner for PS2 and Xbox. Another Internet game arrives on consoles as JoWood's Yeti Sports: Arctic Adventure's hot one-button action appears on PS2. Oh, and let's not forget Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, another movie tie-in released on almost every format under the sun, this time via Global Star.


Joji 19 Jul 2005 13:37
Ha ha ha.....the curse of the film license game strikes again. Expect the expected, it is summer after all and games releases are lower on the ground. A good time to see movie tie in cheddar to kids with nothing to do.

I hope Killer 7 sells and climbs that chart because I hate to see a good game get ignored, especially after all those delays. The reviews bode well and it's on my list.

Just how good is Juiced I wonder?
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