UK Charts: Juicy times for THQ

...and not a bit of lycra or sponge in sight.

Posted by Staff
Thanks to some heavy marketing, targeted and viral, boy race 'em up Juiced steps up to take the number one slot, stealing the position from EA's Medal of Honor: European Assault, which drops to second place. In doing so, Juiced leapt over its sister title, the excellent and humorous Destroy All Humans!, which this week slips to number three. It's been quite some time since THQ held the top spot; it last graced the number one All Formats position in December 2000, when WWF Smackdown 2 ruled the roost. Following a rather protracted development, thanks to the demise of the title's original publisher, Acclaim, the guys at developer Juice Games won't be have been grumbling at the title's initial number three position. This week they'll be shouting from the rooftops of Warrington.

Elsewhere in the charts, Sony's God of War enters at number five. There a big leap for Activision's Madagascar, which goes from 12 to six in anticipation of the this week's theatrical release of the movie. Outside of the top 10, Microsoft's Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack makes an interesting arrival at 13, considering its add-on and arguably niche multiplayer nature.

With no other big movers this week, the summer charts look much livelier than last year's famine.

Next week, look out for Fantastic Four surfing the movie release wave, and the European release of Capcom's stylised Gamecube and PS2 bloodbath, Killer 7.


Joji 12 Jul 2005 14:32
Ah, the yearly summer gaming debacle. Would it be summer without it? Really handhelds should be doing better due to the sunshine.

Cool to see Juiced doing well after so much trouble. Is it better than Burnout 3 though or just another Max Power readers' wet dream?

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