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We’re very excited about Animal Crossing on the Nintendo DS. As we opined regarding the excellent Nintendogs some while back, the flagship Nintendo handheld seems to have the potential beyond any console to date to become a social aid rather than a social hindrance.

Nowhere is this more strikingly illustrated than with the forthcoming Animal Crossing. The GameCube version, beautiful as it is, would have you confined to your bedroom. But the portability and connectivity of the DS means you can take the immersive world wherever you go, online and in the real world. An exclusive preview on Nintendo’s European site, gives a little more information to keep you going. Compatible with the free DS online service that will be available towards the end of the year, the game also enables wireless LAN play for up to four players. Like the ‘Cube version, there will be events that happen at certain times (synchronised with the system’s internal clock). Having your DS with you will mean you won’t have to rather embarrassingly rush home to avoid missing them. The graphical engine has been rebuilt and you can keep your character looking fresh with a visit to the beauty salon. Tom Nook the shopkeeper returns too, with an even bigger shop!

You’ll recall Miyamoto-san’s assurances at E3 that we’d all be playing Mario Kart and Animal Crossing online on our DSs by the end of the year. This has yet to be confirmed by a European release date, rest assured we’ll bring you said date as soon as it is confirmed.


Joji 12 Jul 2005 15:22
Xmas 2005 is gonna be the best yet. We got 360 on the way, all those several games on differing formats and DS going online too. Result.

Never bought AC before so something else to look forward to. Problem is I'll be opting for other games before this one.

So tired,.......... tired of waiting,..... tired of waiting for PSP.

Coxy 12 Jul 2005 16:45
Joji wrote:

So tired,.......... tired of waiting,..... tired of waiting for PSP.

You don't have to wait, why not get a PSP imported, thats what I did I got it for a good price and have experienced no problems and I highly recommend it, and its best to get it early as it will probably sell out at launch.

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