SEGA Classics to come to PS2?

Japan gets Panzer Dragoon, Gunstar Heroes!

Posted by Staff
The latest issue of Japanese games mag Famitsu contains good news for SEGA fans hankering after a taste of the good old days. The magazine reports that the PS2 will soon have a whole load more ?SEGA Ages? titles, conversions of classic Master System and Megadrive games from a time when we complacently believed SEGA consoles would be around forever.

Some of the notable names on the list are the jet packing, key collecting platformer Quartet on the Master System, Space Harrier 2 on the Megadrive, and Panzer Dragoon on the Saturn, which will feature upgraded graphics. Also mentioned is something called Dynamite Detective, which over here in the West was called Die Hard Arcade (on the Saturn). It?s not clear how many of these games will be included together on one disc, or how they will be grouped.

By far the most exciting news, though, is that of something called the Gunstar Heroes Treasure Box, a selection of games from twitch gameplay maestro developers Treasure, originally published by SEGA on the Megadrive. Naturally, it includes Gunstar Heroes, the platform/side scrolling shooter in which you must save your home planet of Gunstar-9. Heroes has it all, beautiful, busy graphics, pump-up music and sublime, hectic gameplay. Also included in this collection are Alien Soldier, another space platform/shooter, and Dynamite Headdy, a rather surreal platformer in which your character has access to a number of detachable and interchangeable heads according to his need.

Wonderful news. As you?d expect, we?ll keep you informed with more details about these nostalgia-fests as we get them. And if any of this retro joy is going to see a European release, you?ll be the first to know.


Joji 7 Jul 2005 23:57
Nice to know of such collections when we might not see them. Jeez, japanese folks are so lucky. Damn.
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