Need For Speed: Most Wanted – Blazing Next-gen Footage!

The game we can’t talk about.

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Need For Speed: Most Wanted – Blazing Next-gen Footage!
SPOnG can’t really talk about Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Regular readers will know why. One might even link to the reason in the forum below. Not us though, we’re keeping quiet.

The reason we’re not allowed to talk about the reason we’re not allowed to talk about NFS: MW is also a secret, though at some point, the coming together of SPOnG and this title made a very bad thing happen. So bad in fact that several SPOnG staffers are having a meeting with EA on Wednesday, during which this is likely to be high on the agenda.

If any of EA's people are reading this, we’d like to tell them that we do love them really, we’re sorry for being naughty, and can we have some money please? We’ll even post your wonderful next-gen video footage of the game at our own expense – that how nice we are these days.

So enjoy this movie of Need For Speed: Most Wanted. Although merely a teaser, it does illustrate the series’ return to running away from coppers: and as everyone knows, running away from coppers is the best thing ever in a videogame. Just look at the charts over the past three years.

MPEG4 (Xvid) video - high quality (8.0Mb)
MPEG4 (Xvid) video - low quality (4.8Mb)

Quicktime video - high quality (13.7Mb)
Quicktime video - low quality (9.0Mb)

Windows Media video - high quality (9.0Mb)
Windows Media video - low quality (3.3Mb)


acidviper 28 Jun 2005 01:10
Why can't they talk about NFS. Is that the new name for Voldemort. The game that shall not be named. This is anti-news.
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