Make Your Life Better: Castlevania DS Movie!

Anime and monsters and Japanese stuff inside!

Posted by Staff
Make Your Life Better: Castlevania DS Movie!
Konami Japan has released a fantastic preview trailer for its upcoming DS Castlevania title, slated for launch in the country on August 28.

The game looks fantastic, we?re sure you?ll agree, as does the rather swanky anime intro, which begins as ever with a lone figure, his cape blowing in the wind?

See the whole thing here!

No word yet on a European or American release but of course, as soon as we hear, you?ll be the first to know.


Joji 24 Jun 2005 14:27
And what a stunning little movie it is, can't beat a good bit of anime. A bit late on this one Spong (the video was at E3) but I'm glad you bothered with it. Cheers.

I love how Konami has stuck to the SotN mold for these games. Aria of Sorrow was great so this is on my buy list. Heard whispers of Sept stateside for this one.

Wonder how long it will be before we get a Castlevania anime series. This game series has enough history to build an anime series upon, surely.

Long live 2D gaming.
Ditto 24 Jun 2005 15:54
The Super NES versions of Castlevania were very disappointing - relatively poor graphics, poor controls. They just didn't have the X factor.

This looks too similar for its own good.
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