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Zelda DS will be all new, first-party effort.

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It seems that DS owners may be able to look forward to an all-new Zelda experience on their handheld. It?s been reported in Game Informer magazine that the game will not be a conversion of the Zelda Four Swords games on GBA and Gamecube. Nor will the game be developed by Capcom, who were responsible for the still very good Zelda: The Minish Cap on GBA. The game will be 100% first-party, with an all-new story and new features.

It?s been said in the past, though, that the game will feature multiplayer gameplay like that featured in Four Swords. It might be worth mentioning that the as yet unnamed title will likely not be released until well into next year. And as you?ll remember, Satoru Iwata made it quite clear to Nintendo DS owners that they would be enjoying online DS titles by the end of this year, including Mario Kart and Animal Crossing. Could the upcoming Zelda be the first in the series to take Link online?


ozfunghi 23 May 2005 13:24
Cool and all...

but don't Nintendo fans get a "E3 booth" article like Sony & MS? I was kind of looking forward to that.
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