Quake IV Announced for Xbox

The other id franchise resurfaces.

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Quake III Arena - it was ace!
Quake III Arena - it was ace!
Following on from the recent success of Doom 3, id Software has announced the return of its other popular shooting franchise, Quake. The series? story is also the story of the genesis of online shoot-?em-up gaming as we know it. Whilst Quake I and II were made as stand-alone single player experiences, Quake II became embraced by the nascent fragging community as the finest FPS engine you could hope for. Flattered by this, id made Quake III, which - bots aside - had no single player experience to speak of at all, but instead took the creation of an updated and accomplished online/LAN shooter engine on as its mission statement.

The atmospheric and suitably gory Doom 3 saw a much trumpeted return for id to its storyline-orientated roots. Now Quake also is to receive similar treatment, with the announcement that Quake IV - on the Xbox 360 no less - will be showcased at E3 on Wednesday. The game, which will use the Doom 3 engine, has already been announced as an upcoming PC title in development. It will be developed by Ravensoft in close collaboration with id. Telling the story of a horrific future war between the Earth and the powerful Strogg race, the game will cast players as Matthew Kane, a member of our planet?s elite fighting force. Starting the game as a regular human, Kane is captured by the Strogg, who attempt to mutate him into a powerful, Strogg-sympathising freak. But can he turn the tables on them, and use his new-found powers to bring down the very aliens who bestowed them upon him?

Expect more details, including release dates and rocket jump inclusion, on SPOnG as it breaks - perhaps this could fill at least one of Halo's space boots and take pride of place in the Xbox 360 launch line-up?


Pilot13 16 May 2005 18:15
'Coming soon with all new weapons and multiplayer modes such as the innovative 'Team Capture The Flag', and 'Assault!' Not forgetting the totally original classes such as 'Heavy Guy' and 'Medic'. Wow, oh look, vehicles!'
fluffstardx 16 May 2005 22:41
The multiplayer won't be amazing. It'll probably have Doom 3-style restrictions. But if the single player is better than Doom 3, I'm sold.
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