Cheap, Brilliant - Better Than Sex

PES 4 goes budget.

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Cheap, Brilliant - Better Than Sex
There is nothing better than Pro Evolution Soccer 4 from Konami. Nothing in the whole world. Is food better? No. Why? Because we give up food to play PES 4. Is sex better? No. Why? Because we sit downstairs in front of the telly, ignoring our ladies’, and in some cases, men's pleading for adult pursuits.

Good news today – PES 4 is now cheap; annoying really, as everyone in the world has already bought it. But for those still unable to shake the FIFA disease, the revised pricepoint of the game might be enough to knock a bit of sense into them.

The game will hit on May 20th this year, priced at a Blackjack shy of £20. And to celebrate, here’s a flaccid corporate quote from someone at Konami: “The release of Pro Evolution Soccer 4 as part of the Platinum and Xbox Classics ranges marks a welcome return for what is fast becoming a legend in gaming circles,” commented Kunio Neo, President of Konami of Europe. “Accumulated sales for the game across Europe have now exceeded an incredible three million units, and we hope that its re-release at this budget price will see many more football fans introduced to the delights Pro Evolution Soccer 4 has to offer.”


Joji 13 May 2005 01:55
Five words......Buy it cheaper on Ebay.
micta 13 May 2005 10:28
Joji wrote:
Five words......Buy it cheaper on Ebay.

Several more words - not as good as PES3 IMHO, Xbox version or no.
DoctorDee 13 May 2005 13:42
Plus. If memory serves me correctly, NOTHING is better than sex.
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