New Shenmue 2 information

Follow-up to the amazing Shenmue to be released in Europe in 2001

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New Shenmue 2 information
If your are one of the lucky ones that has had a chance to play Shenmue on the Dreamcast you will know what a ground-breaking title it is. It is really hard to try and categorise Shenmue because it is made up of so many different components. Shenmue is a social simulation, it’s a fighting game, it has quick time events, it is an adventure game and it has an extremely strong storyline. Shenmue boasts amazing real-time graphics, orchestral music and solid gameplay. It’s the little touches that make this game, there is real time and weather, you get to know the characters in the game, you can use the telephone to arrange appointments and at one point you have to get a job to earn money for your quest and uncover information. In Shenmue you assume the role of Ryo Hazuki, who witnesses the murder of his father and is driven into a quest of vengeance. The adventure is dangerous as the Chinese mafia will not hesitate to kill you as well.

The producer of Shenmue is gaming legend Yu Suzuki, previously responsible for games such as Space Harrier, Hang-On, Virtua Fighter and many others. Shenmue is one of Sega’s biggest games ever, costing over £30 million pounds to make. There are a total of sixteen different games planned for the Shenmue series, and episode 2 is scheduled for release in Japan later this year. It is likely that we get the second instalment just in time for Christmas.

A few juicy bits of info have been released from Japan about the next chapter in the Shenmue series. It seems that Ryo’s quest for vengeance will take him to Hong Kong to try and locate Lan Di, the man the murdered his father. In Hong Kong Ryo will meet a beautiful young girl with red hair, she will have vital information but can she be trusted?

Sega are released a film of Shenmue’s computer generated graphics in Japanese cinemas later this month. The film will also feature new footage from Shenmue 2, we’ll bring you more screenshots as soon as the film is released. Additionally, Sega’s forthcoming Dreamcast Fighting Vipers game will show a movie trailer of the new Shenmue game in action. If you needed a little incentive to pick up this action intensive beat-em-up then the trailer could be it.


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