Fable for PC ? New Details, Fresh Screens

Lionhead re-works Xbox RPG.

Posted by Staff
Peter Molyneux?s somewhat downtrodden Lionhead Studio has today released the first true details and screens from the upcoming re-work of Fable for PC.

The Xbox game, seeing sales of around one and a half million units, fared well in spite of some negative press and Molyneux apologising for the fact that the game did not meet his original vision.

So the concept of a rework stands all in good stead. It gives the franchise the opportunity to make more money, allows the development team to see out its original goals and opens up what could be the definitive Fable statement to a whole new audience.

Frustratingly, Lionhead is somewhat reluctant to release details of exactly how the PC version of Fable will be any better or different to the original. We are told that Fable ?..is now fully optimised for the Windows platform complete with expanded content, greater customisation, new quests and enhanced graphics.?

We?ll let you know when more surfaces.


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