New Final Fantasy VII: A New Reason to Cry

Snowboarding for mobile phones. Really.

Posted by Staff
The most requested re-make on the Square Enix back catalogue by a long chalk is Final Fantasy VII, the controversial Nintendo-enraging debut of the series on a Sony machine.

Although debate is fierce among fans, the seventh game in the series, is widely considered the best in the standard-setting RPG franchise.

So it was with great interest that SPOnG had its attention drawn to an all-new game in the world of Final Fantasy. Then we heard it was for mobile devices. At a stretch, this could even be PSP and DS re-makes. It wasn’t. What is was, we use the past tense here as the thing has truly faded away, was Final Fantasy VII: Snowboarding. For mobile phones. And it looks rubbish.

However, there is hope. This revitalised interest at SE, which includes the UMD and DVD movie of FFVII: Advent Children surely points towards a full-scale game set in the world of Cloud in the not too distant future.


fluffstardx 8 Mar 2005 15:32
That is just taking the piss.
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