More Castlevania Goodness, This Time for Nintendo DS

Spanking new screens for your delectation.

Posted by Staff
Not that it's Castlevania Day on SPOnG or anything like that, but the bare facts are that, A) We look forward to any Castlevania variation, and B) These new screens for the upcoming CV title for Nintendo DS have just landed in our lap(top).

We would have to be supreme churls not to let you have a look, so here they are. There's no definite suffix for this version of Castlevania confirmed as yet, but what we do know is the DS game resumes the tale one year on from where Aria of Sorrow ended. A mysterious cult is determined to resurrect Dracula, and Soma Cruz is charged once again with the task of stopping them

Of course, the new technology offered by the DS will influence how this chapter in the Castlevania story is played. More on that can be found here: along with a handful of extra screens.


vault 13 28 Jan 2005 19:30
All I'm saying is, "Yay.".
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