A News Story About Good, Cheap Games!

Arguably the best kind! Gunbird duo for less than a tenner?

Posted by Staff
A News Story About Good, Cheap Games!
Empire?s Xplosiv budget range has stumped up the goods, with the news that Gunbird Special Edition will shortly be hitting the PlayStation 2 for a mere 9.99

The pack comprises the original game, as seen on the PlayStation and Saturn, and the Dreamcast version of Gunbird 2. Both games are ported from the smash hit coin-ops of the same name.

As you may know, the Gunbird games are a slightly pervy take on the up-scrolling shooter and dominated the non-beat-em-up sections of Japanese arcades at launch.

Hitting PlayStation 2 in March, SPOnG highly recommends this piece of pure gaming, if only to sharpen your skills for what might lie ahead.


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