Original Tekken Augments Fifth Home Release

Namco to revive polygonal classic.

Posted by Staff
Original Tekken Augments Fifth Home Release
According to reports stemming from Japanese gaming press, seemingly taken from retail literature doing the rounds over the weekend, Namco will be offering the original Tekken as a freebie with the looming launch of Tekken 5 for PlayStation 2.

The version included is said to be a re-work of the arcade original, not the PlayStation version that immortalised the franchise upon launch, and is expected to be available across all gaming regions.

With the System 256 arcade version of Tekken 5 doing the rounds in arcades across the world, and making a healthy impact on even the most sceptical of reviewers, the home version is slated for the end of March in Japan, with the US and Europe to follow shortly after.

We’ll bring you updates and clarification in the coming weeks.


Joji 10 Jan 2005 14:08
What a nice incentive to buy Tekken 5. It's very hard to find the original anywhere these days. Can't beat a good BOGOF deal. A bit of PS2 polish should look nice on the original.
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