Get China in Your Hands! New PSP Dynasty Warriors Screens

Dodgy 1980's pop group not in game soundtrack.

Posted by Staff
KOEI has released a selection of new screens for the upcoming PlayStation Portable version of its as-yet-untitled Dynasty Warriors entry into handheld territory. The much-admired strategic actioner has been around in one guise or another since 1997, this one putting the player in the role of a warrior from the Three Kingdoms or unaligned forces. The huge battle areas remain intact from the bigger console variations, as do the modes of play. There are two single-player only game modes, Musou mode and Free Mode. In Musou mode, select a character and battle through five stages. In Free mode, select a scenario and enjoy the battle.

Developed by Omega Force, Dynasty Warriors for PSP is due in Europe sometime during March 2005, possibly around the time of the T'Pau revival. Or maybe not.


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