Videogames ? Worst Thing Ever/Saviour of Humanity Debate

This time by doctors. Playing Super Monkey Ball!

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Ai Ai Poo!
Ai Ai Poo!
And as everyone knows, all doctors, (aside from the ones bumping off old ladies and indulging in bizarre sexual practice) are the most trustworthy folk on the planet. So it?s fair to assume that what they say is on the money.

If you trust them to stick a camera on a stick up your butt, then their opinion of videogames is a given.

And the impression of the medical world (today, but likely to change tomorrow) is that videogames are really rather good. Dr. James Rosser Jr, director of the Advanced Medical Technologies Institute at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York has conducted a study on surgeons who play videogames. His findings are astounding.

Rosser states that surgeons playing videogames three hours a week make 37% fewer errors and accomplish tasks 27% faster than those who played none, he says, basing his observation on results of tests using Sega?s incredible Super Monkey Ball.

?Traditional academic surgeons look at what I do and thumb their noses,? noted Rosser as he landed a triple score 500 points with only 4 MPH wind in Monkey Target.


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