That Zombie Invasion You Always Hoped For – It Begins!

Romero Living Dead set to rampage on home console.

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Zombie children yesterday
Zombie children yesterday
SPOnG learned recently that a considerable percentage of the population thinks about the possibility of a zombie invasion for a considerable percentage of each day. This might come as surprising news to you, though, given that seemingly everyone who isn’t us thinks about a plague of the undead all day long, probably not.

However, what should come as great news is the confirmation that George A Romero’s Living Dead series is set for a major videogame rebirth.

Hip Interactive Corp, has signed an exclusive deal with Romero’s Living Dead Productions (LDP) to produce titles based in a unique zombie universe created specifically for videogames, on the back of news that a new movie, Land of the Dead, has gone into production.

Titles will be offered for PC, Xbox and PlayStation 2 with next-generation incarnations to follow.

Romero explained: “I am very excited to start working in the medium and look forward to the association with Hip. I thank Living Dead Productions for making it all happen.”

So if you need to think about zombie invasions all day to merely keep your sanity - and you're a gamer - this will surely be the best news of the year. As further information breaks on all this, we’ll let you know.


Joji 16 Dec 2004 13:22

Best news of the day but what kind of games are we talking about? An RTS would be nice next to all out action 3rd person game. A combination of the two would be welcome (Actraiser style but better, though I don't see it happening).

Already think of inventive ways to dispatch them that are so obvious but never included in all recent zombie flicks.

Hope Land of the Dead movie meets the meaty parts that RE and Dawn of the Dead movies missed.
LUPOS 16 Dec 2004 13:53
Does anyoen else think that a planet over run with zombies would make an awsome mmorpg? a totaly persistant universe, and the only humans are the gamers. you woudl have to build camps, starts ccomunities, venture out side to look for supplies, some people coudl live in the shanty towns, others could be guns for higher wandering the country side. this woudl also be a good reason to have to have sex and dating interactions built into the game cause you need to populate the world with new people (all though the limited # of girls playing would could be a problem)! I think this is what RE should eventually turn into cause with the t-virus you get all kinds of weird s**t, not just slow pokey zombies!
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Joji 16 Dec 2004 14:22
That's what I meant by the Actraiser reference (though on the SNES it did something similar). A game that gives you plenty of zombie slaying action (1st/3rd person) but also combines some kind of resource management (RTS) where you can build bases, develop weapons and the repopulation and breeding idea. Haven't seen a game mix styles like this since Actraiser and pull it off nicely (do point me in the right direction if I've missed a game like this). It's usually one style only.

I just want something that gives me more options cause killing zombies is sweet but mixing the two game styles would/could have both of those styles of play effect each other as the whole game progresses.
kid_77 16 Dec 2004 14:40
Does anyone remember a "3-D" Zombie game on the Amiga called, erm, Zombie. There were four characters (all of which you could control) trapped in a supermarket, and you had to escape in a helicopter - which you had to fix first (can't think where the developers found their inspiration?)

I actually remember it being quite creepy and atmospheric, but today I imagine it would be utter dross.
LUPOS 16 Dec 2004 15:34
Joji wrote:
That's what I meant by the Actraiser reference

i didn't realize how similiar that games was to what i had in my head, I dont think i ever played actraiser. i do think it woudl make an awsome set up for an mmorpg. Only problem being i refuse to play thsoe cause im parnoid i would loose my job or somehing. I fear the zombie game may be good enough to break me though, especially if it was on a console (my pc is a bit old).
fluffstardx 16 Dec 2004 19:48
And Abomination. That was pretty much a Zombie game. Isometric turn-based killing, XCOM style... nice.

I thought this was old news though? After all, weren't there pics of pre-production sketches of this earlier this year?
Gareth Edwards 17 Dec 2004 10:33
kid_77 wrote:
Does anyone remember a "3-D" Zombie game on the Amiga called, erm, Zombie.

That would be this Zombi (Ubisoft 1990), no?

'Twas also released on Atari ST (where it prolly came from for Amiga), C64, Speccy and possible the Amstrad.
kid_77 17 Dec 2004 10:51
Config, you've made my day. And it presents an impressive array of text-book generic character design: clean-cut blonde bloke, dary edgy bloke, bird, brainy old bloke. No wonder we look back at that era with such affection.
Gareth Edwards 17 Dec 2004 10:55
Good to see one happy customer ;)

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