Robbie Bach Exposes Stunning Catalogue of Microsoft Lies

Total online media dominance sole target for Xbox 2.

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Robbie Bach Exposes Stunning Catalogue of Microsoft Lies
The Xbox 2 might well be on store shelves, if all goes as planned at MGS Redmond headquarters, by this time next year, a distinct possibility that is underlined by increasingly feverish pre-launch activities.

On the back of our exclusive news foretelling of a high-level partner briefing scheduled for mid-January comes a hard-hitting interview with Robbie Bach published in Business Week, seemingly the favourite publication of the Xbox chief or at least his press office.

Now SPOnG would like regular readers to cast their minds back to around this point in the pre-release phase of the original Xbox. Can you remember how the entire Xbox project was only about gaming. What?s more, it would never, ever be about anything else. We promise. What?s that you say? Media convergence? A secret Trojan to control music, TV, movies and the like? Honest, scouts? honour, that will never happen.

Roll on a few years and listen to Robbie Bach ? it?s quite astonishing: ?A digital lifestyle is developing that incorporates things you do online with things you do with entertainment, with things you do with gaming, with things you do with music, movies, TV. As that all comes together, Xbox is certainly going to play an important role. There's the idea that you're going to want to share what I'll call for lack of a better phrase your digital memories, whether that's digital photos or digital video.?

Enough covered? No chance! On to music:

?Music is clearly a scenario that everyone is focused on. The consumers we talk to in the MSN or Xbox or Windows teams say music is a very essential part of what they do whether it's on an Xbox or a PC or some other device.? And more on your home movies: ?The idea that you're going to want to share that, that you're going to want to have that on a network - that is going to happen.?

And in a final bombshell hidden away at the end of the interview Bach uses the ?T? word for the first time in relation to Xbox operations. ?Communications turns out to be a very important scenario as well, whether that's chat, messaging, blogging or telephony.?

Although it was never in much doubt, it is somewhat satisfying to draw a line under this chapter of the emergence of the Xbox platform. Microsoft quite simply got away with telling perhaps the biggest set of lies the technology sector has ever seen and certainly the most astounding lies in the games sector. It even branded those pointing out the obvious sub-plot as deluded ?conspiracy theorists? in public press conferences and on-the-record interviews.

So now Microsoft has gotten away with selling in its Trojan, all that remains to be seen is whether it can fairly and competently manage the critical range of roles it has assigned itself.

As ever, expect the best analysis from across the games industry, right here, as it breaks.


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Rod Todd 10 Dec 2004 10:08
Xeryus wrote:
Maybe I'm being facetious, but that smacks of poor configuration, perhaps you should have a look at your system and setup for user errors.

It's not even Mycrapsoft programs CRASHING that spoils my computing experience. It's when they run properly and do what they are meant to do that they really f**k things up.

Outlook 2003's favoured use of Word as an email editor results in emails that are almost impossible to quote nicely in any other editor but Word... leading to either lock-in (surely Microsoft's intention) or a world full of top-posted email replies.

That's only one of a million ways Microsoft spoils my day, every day I have to use their stinking products.

Most days, I don't.
Rod Todd 10 Dec 2004 10:12
Adam M wrote:
Eg. Games Domain gave Halo 2 10/10 and Metroid Prime 2 8/10. Now I'm sorry, but MP2 is better than 8/10.

The best scores ALWAYS go to the company who makes the best use of threats about how and where they will spend their advertising budgets.
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Arse McAdams 10 Dec 2004 12:15
LUPOS wrote:

Can anyone else see the fantastic irony here?
LUPOS 10 Dec 2004 12:40
Arse McAdams wrote:
LUPOS wrote:

Can anyone else see the fantastic irony here?

you mean how its ironic that no matter how many times I write that i would like the option to play the game the way i want, dipshits like you feel the need to defend a game i wasn't attacking in the first place? someone complained how prime2 got a much lower score than halo2 on some sites and i offered my explanation as to why that may be. Then some peopel sprang to its deffense like i'm the one giving it a bad score. I have a game cube and i love my nintendo games very much and it just pisses me off that i have been neglected by the company when they designed this game. I could learn to play it how they want, but this is my way of personally protesting their refusal to give me multiple choices in control setups. The absolute most important part of any game is how well the user interacts with it, for me they ruined the experience but not allowing me to play how i want. Maybe you cant get that through your thick head, or maybe my spelling really is bad enough that people just can't understand me. If that's the case, it's a good thing i didn't take up writing as a carrier.
config 10 Dec 2004 13:25
kid_77 wrote:
Then use Linux. Or buy a Mac.

Funny you should bring that up. We've ventured down the Linux desktop route a few times.

The thing that typically stopped us was the inability to effective sharing data with clients. Specifically, MS Office documents. While OpenOffice can open most of the Office suite's documents, it's still a good way from 100%. That's enough to make us need Office. Plus we need Windows for PC games. I still use OpenOffice for day-to-day stuff - it's extremely good for creating PDFs - but need Office when Word docs get all mashed in OO.

So long as the rest of the world (that we deal with) uses Windows-centric proprietary formats, we're forced to follow suit.

Just a soon as we can share data with clients with 100% reliability, we'll be boarding the good ship Linux.

For the regular Joe, there's also the slightly daunting task of installing Linux, compiling s**t and a whole host of unfriendly stuff. It's getting better, but it's not good enough.

As for Macs? Love 'em, but the price is just a little off-putting.

kid_77 10 Dec 2004 13:36
I know, I know. It's very hard to operate in todays world without Windows/Office.

It's just M$ whingers do rile me. If you've got Windows problems, all you need is Google and some patience. Once you've found a good configuration, you're pretty much sorted - bar the fending off of virus' and SpyWare.

Fact is, Windows does so much work for the user (that most take for granted) that I'm willing to put up with it's flaws.
vault 13 10 Dec 2004 17:36
Lupos scribbled incoherently:

Also, i have yet to find the game you beet me at on a regular basis so your little assumption that i can learn to play it is just pathetic, i woop you at halo, i usually beat you at soul calibur, your pretty damn good at ssx but i would say we are about even, and i cant think fo any other decent competitive games we play, OH excpet mario party, which you do tend to win, maybe ill get you a trophy for that.

I want a f**king trophy now. My uncanny ability to win at a game of chance is phenomenal! I don't get it. Heh, make the trophy with Samus and Master Chief hanging off the rim off the cup but make Samus firing energy beams into Chief's armor and make him falling off clinging to the rim with only one hand attached.

Anyway..., I don't see what all this control bitching is about. Okay, I admit they should of had more options for Metroid Prime 2 (dual analog, different button setups), but Mr. Miyamoto is a prick in that case and wants you to play the game the way he envisioned it well sans Nintendo (tm) extra useless Samus Vision (tm) 3D Glassesware peripheral. But answer me this, if I wanna map my attack to the white button (for whatever sick demented reason that is) and I wanna throw grenades with the d-pad, can I? The answer is a resounding NO! And why? Because Bungie envisioned you to play with a few, I doubt 20 Big L, different premapped setups. Has ANYONE, ANYONE?, played Timesplitters 2!!! You can make the fricken shoulder buttons the move around. Now it may be silly to do so, but isn't the whole purpose of this argument to admit that restricting controller setup is stupid. Although if one were to fall in love with Prime's or Halo's default controls, would they be bitching about choice? Why complain when you don't have anything to complain about. So I think here, this argument is more of it's not the way one plays 3-D games. So this begs the question, if the control was dual analog, would you, Lupos, have any more desire to play Prime 2???!!!

Silverdogg was confused about:

i dont know who said it, but someone said that the two innovative things in halo was vehicles and two weapons. HELLO!! two weapons was NOT innovative. remember golden eye? two weapons. remember perfect dark? two weapons. so no, thats totally wrong. halo only had one innovative thing, and that was the vehicles. and it still wasnt very fun in singleplayer. it bored me to death. still wanna try out multi though.

I believe I was talking about two weapons MAX man, not dual f**king weilding, hell the original BLOOD had guns akimbo WAAAAY before Goldeneye, so f**k off trying to be more knowledgeable. And the vehicles, Halo 1 gets credit for that. Bravo for you letting us know that OTHER games use vehicles too. (Unreal Tournament 2004) I know Lupos already pointed that out. (high five man, glad you jumped on that quick)

Ben "Firefly" Furfie shouted
Feel the anti-Microsoft geeks in here... you can't get passed them. I'm so sorry but be honest, what did Microsoft ever do to YOU?

They deleted my Netscape browser with a certain version of Windows 95. Remember the scandal they had. They also standardized a crap product. Like everyone who now only shops at Wal-Mart which specializes in the crap level quality of EVERYTHING!!! Even island renting and gasoline. You get like the island filled with litter off the coast of Jersey and the gasoline is like Octane "This is gonna f**k your car up!"

P.S. Me and Lupos are good friends who bitch about video games all the time. The forum is basically a place where we talk when we can't call each other. Don't you hate us more now???!!! ;o)

Joji 10 Dec 2004 20:41
Well it has been interesting reading all those posts.

I not gonna get into a slagging match but I have to agree to disagree on the Prime controls biz. Respect your opinion and all but it would help if you founded your ill will against Nintendo in a more constuctive way than avoiding MP and complianing about it's control options.

Truth be told I too have a lot of love/hate axes to grind with MS, Sony and Nintendo but I'm not gonna miss out on good gaming because of they have done stuff that annoys me in the past or present. Life is too damn short to not try a game, because it's not presented how you like it. I have enjoyed several games on various formats even though I hate all sorts of things about games and systems, but I'm just an open minded kind of gamer while others might not be.

If you feel the controls on MP 1 and/or 2 should be like those on the DS, perhaps you should investigate why the DS option you love so much is not present in MP2. Was it due to the two games being developed by two different teams? Was it a decision of some higher power at Nintendo? Was one game finished before another? If you seek an answer to set your mind at ease, then by all means hunt for it and you will find it, even ask the Spong crew for a little help if necessary. Either way MP2 is finished and they won't change it just for you, Lupos.

If you play a lot of FPS games and you come to MP 1 or 2 you'll naturally feel weird controlling the games (this is natural for any FPS fan, even my best Xbox owning friend found this just as you did) because you are out of your comfort zone. I too found Halo difficult to control at first, but anything takes time and I stuck to it and had a blast as a result. Come on dude, would the Master Chief give up on MP2 because the controls are different to driving a Warthog? Lame comparison perhaps, but any soldier in the field must adjust to the situation at hand regardless of comfort. In the same respect as a true gamer you would put your negativity aside and play at least the first level of MP1 or 2. And as someone else said the MP controls are such that many people can learn to play in a very short time, and those people aren't hard core FPS fans.

I think both Halo and MP series are both good in their own ways. It would be silly of me to slate or praise either without playing both Halo 2 and MP2. But going as an owner of MP1, I think MP does it's own thing in a metroid way and doesn't try to be a dedicated FPS like Halo etc. Have to hand it to Nintendo too, because many people thought MP woundn't work when they heard it was gonna be a FPS style game. I'm not bothered by reviews, they help me decide on a purchase but I prefer a mulitformat mag or site to avoid conflict or biase.

At the end of the day I love games regardless of format (I wasn't always like this but that's where growing and opening you mind helps). Command and Conquer was good enough to make me buy a PC have lots of fun, and through that I can also come here and chill with you guys. Hurrah!

All I would ask of you nicely Lupos is to play the first level of MP in all controls offered, see which you prefer and come back and give us your true unbiased (judge MP on it's merits not other games merits) verdict. It might be asking a little of you but I just wanna know what you really think having finished the first level. Stick it on easy or whatever, but doing so would shut down the arguement of others, and you never know you might actually have some fun with MP, fingers crossed. if you don't enjoy it at least you tried it out properly, right? And aren't different gaming experiences what make this industry so great?

Surely if I can go through a few levels of Halo and have fun, you can too on MP if you try it properly. I won't badger and annoy you with this as it is your choice. Accept that Halo and MP are different style of game but try them equally despite preconceptions or prejudices.

Thanks for listening.

LUPOS 10 Dec 2004 21:13
I actually did try prime one for a little while, i don't remeber if i manged to finish the first level or not(it was back when the first one came out and vault13 was trying to sell me on it) but i just did not liek the restriction. After all fo this conversation abotu it i may give the new one a try and see if it clicks for me. I will say i was not that initially inthralled by the whoel visor switching thing. scanning all the things aroudn looking for clues got kind of tiring fo rme but maybe i didn't give it a fair chance.

Also i know that nintendo isnt goign to change things just for little old me but i know im not the only one with this complaint, my roomate actully loves the old metroids way more than me and cant stand the control scheme. seems to me that nintendo is struggling enough to gain a wide audience and pigeon holling a game with one control scheme just doesnt seem like a good idea.

as for the difference between the DS and Cube veriosn, i'm pretty sure its simply because the came cube style controls wouldnt take advantage of the touch screen the way the standard fps layout does. Although admitdely i only played the demo for all of 5 minutes so i dont know how similar the two games are in regards to level design and game play. It deed seem to me that the DS version was more focused on the shooting but i cant really say for sure.

anyway, once my buddy vault scrapes together the money to buy prime 2 i will atleast beat the first level and be sure to comment on it again.
vault 13 10 Dec 2004 21:35
He really did make a good point. And the whole thing is if your stubborn enough not to play the new ones just because of the control scheme and you've been a fan for a while (a certain 6'11" fellow comes to mind), that's just plain stupid. Your missing out on one of the greatest games of all time. On the otherhand, if you just don't want to play and are not interested AND the controls are awkward on a side note, then I guess Prime is not meant for you. I guess we've come to a resolve.
Joji 10 Dec 2004 21:50
Fairplay to you for having a try then Lupos. I know Metroid isn't for everyone and we won't all like the same things.

I think it was brave of Nintendo to bring Metroid up to date at all in the form it's in. I understand how your friend feels but the technology has passed the 2D era to obviously allow a more emersive adventure than Metroid has ever been. If you friend plays Metroid further he will discover a lot of things like the original Metroid games just in 3D. But I know it's up to you folks to play further.

I to have found the controls tricky to learn but they grew on me after a while.

I would like to see Nintendo sort out some new products. Perhaps pull Kid Icarus out of his grave and glue his wings back on too.

lex_vc 11 Dec 2004 03:56
Congratulations SPOnG you've officially won the "Fanboy of the Month" award! Also, you've just recently become the most hated website in the Xbox gamers community!

Again, congratulations, and see HERE!
Autobot 11 Dec 2004 06:10
I have to say I used to LOVE SPonG but lately I have just became disgusted with there "News". Most of the time they TRY (emphasis on try) to make it funny by using childish jokes or force there opinions in news articles. SPonG writers if you want some tips on how to become better just give me ring.

As for the Halo 2 Ratings vs Metroid crap. For one thing, Halo 2 did NOT deserve high marks. It should have gotten around 7 out of 10. I love XBOX with a passion, but the game is to similar to the original. They just made it look prettier, Well almost. The Major Complaint I have is in game cut scenes and the pop in. The Textures are terrible, they are constently popping in and out. The visual distance of the game pops up very awkwardly. Gameplay, could have been redone to make it more fun. The dual welding was just a 2 second gimmick. I didn't like it all that much and the fact that most of the frienemies are repeated through out.

Metroid is not in the same page as Halo 2, they have done a good game but like what happened to Halo 2, too much of the same. They copied some features from other games but the overall feel of the game feels too much like deja vu. Its nice to have all the wepons from the start but the new weapons and gizmos aren't as cool as they could be. It was a shallow sequel.

Like I said about the XBOX, it so far kept its promise of focusing as a game machine so there should be no fighting about trojan horse junk. The System plays games first and foremost.

As for the XBOX 2, well, SPonG contradicts its self many, many times. They said that Microsoft was going to create 3 systems one for gaming, and extended version, and a PC version. Now SPonG acts like the "new" information about XBOX 2 playing things other than Games is a new concept that blows there mind. REALLY, if it effects you so much that the system is going to play a bunch of stuff then just buy the rumored game only console.

The great thing about a capitalist country is that you can choose what you do and don't want to buy. Just like violent games you can choose to buy them or not its not something your going to be forced to by gun point to buy. So SPonG if you want to start boycotting Microsoft's new XBOX go ahead. You going to lose out on many cool things. Its nice to have opinions on things but its another to pass your thoughts as news.

NEWS ALERT: I am the KING OF HAMVILLE! bow before me Bacon citizens!
Rod Todd 11 Dec 2004 08:24
lex_vc wrote:
Also, you've just recently become the most hated website in the Xbox gamers community!

I bet this information comes as a great disappointment to SPOnG.

I'm betting they thought they were the most hated website among Xbox gay-mers long before "just recently".

But sometimes the truth hurts, and if you fan-boys don't like it, just go back to chugging on Microcock.
Autobot 11 Dec 2004 17:51
LOL Gay jokes from a person who has a Keanu Reeves icon.
Rod Todd 12 Dec 2004 07:37
Autobot wrote:
LOL Gay jokes from a person who has a Keanu Reeves icon.

Dude, I'm not fussy, I'll do anyone but a Microsoft executive. And even then, if they were really cute ;-)
SilverDogg 13 Dec 2004 10:16
thsi same reatrd also wrote:
halo only had one innovative thing, and that was the vehicles. and it still wasnt very fun in singleplayer. it bored me to death. still wanna try out multi though.

id rather spend money on buying quake (which is an the best fps ever made) than ever even think about halo. BLERGH!

hmmm so you havent tried multi and you are intrerested in doing so but your paper route doesnt afford you the luxury of owning 2 systems and your winning personality doesnt allo you the luxury of having friends who might own an xbox. Thats a shame.

heh. you really did get me there didnt you? guess i could have written better. anyway, the fact that you are calling me a retard make me feel that you are just some little 12-year old who thinks halo is the kixxors and doesnt know what gameplay is. you might not be it, i just feel like you fit in there.

anyway, no i dont afford to buy more than one system actually (not that i would want anymore), and no. i dont know anyone with an xbox (well i do, but he lives like... 700km away maybe?). i do know ppl with ps2 though. not that thats got anything to do with it.

and damn, i did a little mistake. what i maybe should have said instead was "i hate the singleplayer, but i wanna try out the multi. i wouldnt pay a dime for the game though!". happy now? =)
LUPOS 13 Dec 2004 14:15
a) im not 12, im twice that sadly (stupid being old), so i am well aware of what a good video game is. as i assume you are reffering to the go old 2d days of quality play.

b) i did indeed get you! and your rephrasing makes better sense. I also was taken out of context earlier in this convo when i offered an explanation for why prime2 might have gotten a lower score than halo2 and people started asaulting me like i was called prime a s**t game. so i dont have a whole lot of regret in pointing out other peoples miss steps, i suppose its productive, cause we all understand each other that much better now.

c) for the sake of civility i would like to retract the retard comment, I was fumming at the time. I just got real anoyed at people assaulting me for something i realy didnt feel strongly about one way or the other, i was just offering a potential reason for why a particular game got rated a certain way and i get ripped a new one for it.

d) halo2 is the kixxors( i would never, ever use a term liek that in any way but a joke) : ) inspite of its faults it is one of my favorite games of all time. A large part of that is probably due to the story. I being one of those ubber geeks who bothered to not only beat the first game repeatedly but also read all three of the novels related too it. I for one was not bored at all with the single player but throughly exicted all the way through just to find out what happens, then that damn ending nearly killed me. As for the multi player it is by far one of the best multiplayer experiences you may ever have, and if you really like quake i have heard alot of people complain that halo2 is more like quake/unreal than it is the first halo so you might like it alot. If you get the chance you really should give it a better try.
SilverDogg 17 Dec 2004 09:53
well im gonna play halo on pc, but is halo 2 coming to pc? otherwise i cant try it out ;P.
LUPOS 17 Dec 2004 12:42
SilverDogg wrote:
well im gonna play halo on pc, but is halo 2 coming to pc? otherwise i cant try it out ;P.

There are no official anouncments about halo comming out for the pc but i would say it is a safe bet it will happen eventually. I would say by the end of next year if i was a betting man. But then i don't know if M$ will want anythign stealing any kind of thunder from the nextbox release.
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