Red Alert 3? Apparently so!

Email to fans confirms long-awaited sequel.

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Red Alert 3? Apparently so!
Real-time strategy gaming might not be your thing, but there?s no denying the massive all-Conquering (see what we did there) pull of the Red Alert series from the now EA-assimilated Westwood Studios.

It had been rumoured that the franchise had run its course, with nothing being heard of Red Alert for years, a situation that caused huge frustration to its alarmingly loyal and dedicated fanbase.

However, an email sent to fans, and immediately posted everywhere across the Internet, reads as follows:

Hi everyone,
I hope everyone is enjoying one of the best years ever for PC gaming.

On the eve of one of our own major releases, The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth, the one thing we've grown to understand is how important the community - our most loyal supporters - is for industry. This started back in our days at Westwood where the community for our games has always been a big priority. We understand that you are the most important and influential group for us and we are constantly amazed at the amount of talent used to create quality assets and mods.

Having said that, we have a MAJOR announcement to make and we are making it exclusively to our long time C&C fans. This announcement is not going out to the press and it won't appear on the EA website or anywhere else online. We are very proud to announce that the team that brought you Command & Conquer Red Alert 2, Command & Conquer Yuri's Revenge, and Command & Conquer Generals has officially started work on our next project set in the Red Alert universe!

As I mentioned, we're very proud to ship what we feel is one of the best RTS games ever released. Most of you have probably heard of The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth which hits stores this week. We've introduced some really innovative features and gameplay mechanics, which you should definitely check out when you get a chance. You will also see a major enhancement to the Sage graphics engine we originally created for Command & Conquer Generals. Expect us to leverage and continue to evolve this powerful engine as we start work on our new Command & Conquer game.

Thanks again for all your support over the years. This entire team is incredibly excited to work on the next Command & Conquer chapter. Look for an official announcement soon and have a wonderful holiday.

Mark Skaggs
VP and Executive Producer
Electronic Arts

Which reading between the lines points to a sequel in the works. All good! We?ll bring you screens and details as they become available, if not before ? keep it locked!


Joji 7 Dec 2004 20:13
Cool, but what about a DS version, EA? Some of us don't have cutting edge PC's in order to play Cn'C.

There is never a better time to start work on a DS version to complement the PC versions. A whole war in your pocket.

Wonder if any of the Spong crew could find out if EA are interested in a DS version.?
Alan is my first name 7 Dec 2004 22:23
Oh boy! I hope there are adult situations!
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vault 13 8 Dec 2004 19:43
(*drool, drool) Think about the touch screen. Selecting units with the stylus and having several different map views and detailed unit information when you click on them. All the building icons and junk could be positioned on top and the battlefield on the bottom. They could do alot with this and not have it turn out the console controller suckfest that it was. Well maybe it wasn't that bed, but the mouse is soooo much better. Maybe nintendo will make a new peripheral that incorporates the fives senses to control the DS and then only have one game support it. Pikachu's Desert Island Couch Potato Simulator. Oh this is getting bad, like virtual boy bad.
TheEliteSamurai 8 Dec 2004 20:56
Oh snap, that would be too sweet. These are exactly the kind of games that should be on the DS, stratagy games and god sims would be most welcome on the DS.

Plus, Red Alert 3, always good. I just want Frank klepacki back composing for the games. the Generals and zero hour music was good but it wasn't C'N'C for sure.
VideoGamerJ 10 Dec 2004 23:23
Where have you guys been?

Joji 11 Dec 2004 14:09
Yes I have already signed the petition and think that's a great idea to possibly persuading EA to sort it out. IF EA don't I'm sure Cavedog or someone else might sort something similar.

When I first heard about the DS and it's touch screen gaming C&C was the first game I thought would suit it and nicely and really trump one over PSP. If any of you can be bothered to dig through the forum posts from me you'll see what I mean (try some of the old DS vs PSP topics).

The advantages are there for all to see on DS, and it's only a matter of time before we get something other than the brilliant Advance Wars DS.

As for another C&C on PC I'd welcome it more if my PC wasn't so crap. But a DS version would suit everyone and bring in new fans who would otherwise pass it by.
mark 14 Apr 2007 11:28
Yeah,i hope there will be sum gud gameplay.
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