Xbox 2/PlayStation 3/Nintendo Revolution-a-like NFS and Madden shown

Electronic Arts offers a glimpse of the future

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At the recent Credit-Suisse First Boston Technology Conference, Electronic Arts, further pushing its status as the games industry?s leading protagonist, showed some images it claimed are representative of what next-generation home consoles will be capable of.

EA spokesman and CFO Warren Jensen presented two images, one of Madden and one representing future Need for Speed software, both renders of projected graphical output.

"Imagine that the characters in a football [game] will be capable of showing real emotion," said Jensen. "That's what's going to be possible with the next generation of technology."

Oh. Yeah.



Coxy 3 Dec 2004 14:57
wow they sure do look amazing !
kid_77 3 Dec 2004 15:03
EA also mentioned, perhaps unsurprisingly, that all the next-gen consoles will have wireless LAN.

Here is a comprehensive article
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lozbag 3 Dec 2004 16:01
This is so predictable. The graphics look better ? So what? Real emotion has been around for many thousands of years and just recreating it in photography, film or interactive media is no big deal. It puts me in mind of the realistic but sadly dull art that was being put out around the turn of the last century before the camera was invented. Photography was born making all that donkey work making try-hard neo classical photo realistic images redundant. And so modern art was born, thank f**k for that.

What I'm getting at is that I can't wait until we can get past all this graphic w**k and start concentrating on what can be achieved creatively. Its a generalization I know but needs to be reiterated in case huge amounts of easily impressed people get sucked into the next "Battle of the Pixels".

Like the inclusion of LAN ? but what else can you do?
Rod Todd 3 Dec 2004 16:51
lozbag wrote:
This is so predictable. The graphics look better ? So what?

Dude, I hate to come over all AOL. But... what he said. My favourite game of all time is Lamatron, and the graphics were crap... Good (great, incredible, whatever) graphics do not a great game make.

The idea that they will be able to simulate facial expression in real time that convey emotion sounds like so much bull-crap to me. Lets face it they couldn't do it pre-rendered three years ago in The Spirits Within. Then again, he did say the emotion on a footballer's face, and they are hardly known for their emotional sophistication.
Ditto 3 Dec 2004 17:39
LOL Re: the footballers.

Prehaps they might be able to make them speak too: "like, whatever, like".
DeepFraught 3 Dec 2004 18:47
kid_77 wrote:
Here is a comprehensive article

roflmao : gi,biz is in no way comprehensive // insightful // an authority // quality journalism // original // reliable - it's a standing joke in my line of work. it just acrues old s**t from elsewhere and passes off (or fabricates) ... twice - because it feeds into eurogamer

you want press releases - go to gamespress (there are a few here too)
jobs - gamesrecruit or aardvark swift
stock quotes - yahoo finance
company, people and game directory - spong
industry news - mcv or dozens of other credible sites

prs and journos in the industry know what a joke it is while everyone outside think it's some sort of industry bible because it has 'games industry' and 'biz' in its name. hahaha. do yourself a favor and go elsewhere for considerably better 'insider' info.

acidviper 3 Dec 2004 23:03
These pictures look like an intro movie or "replays" like in Gran Turismo not actual in-game action . Even if they could render this in Madden it would be skipped after watching it 3-4 times especially since the same annoying dialogue would accompany the "emotional" faces and you want to get back to the game not look at some guy who just got tackled for his "emotion". And exactly what emotions is he going to have except hurt and angry.

If this is actual in-game action (which it is not) then you would need an HDTV or computer monitor to display anything near this quality. Anything else would be blurry and inconsequential.

kid_77 4 Dec 2004 17:00

DeepFraught wrote:
do yourself a favor and go elsewhere for considerably better 'insider' info.

But... but... surely Spong and Gamesindustry are the only gaming websites !!?!?!

Oh hang on, what's this "Google" thing...

Hey everybody, DeepFraught's right! There's a real plethora of gaming goodness out there.

Sorry spong, your yesterday's news...

acidviper 6 Dec 2004 00:02
Wow if you need to flame others over Spong having "insider info" and "old news" you really need to go outside and see the rest of the world.
config 7 Dec 2004 18:56
acidviper wrote:
Wow if you need to flame others over Spong having "insider info" and "old news" you really need to go outside and see the rest of the world.

We're did Mac say any of that?
Smelly 8 Dec 2004 16:44

wow they sure do look amazing !

Erm.. note the camera angles.. then imagine playing from those angles (i.e. you cant).

Put the camera in the same place as it'd normally HAVE to be in a racing/footy game.. and then tell me if you can tell the difference between these shots and the current gen.

I'd say not...
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