Xbox 2 and PlayStation 3 monster dev house formed

Climactic shift in the UK

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Xbox 2 and PlayStation 3 monster dev house formed
Leading UK-based development monster Climax has merged three of its studios creating what the company claims is the largest single development studio in the UK.

Freshly-named Climax sees Climax Solent, Climax London and Climax Handheld blended together with Escofian care to form the new dish which will, according to reports, be focused solely on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 2 development projects.

"This exciting development is a glowing tribute to the progressive thinking here at Climax," said Simon Gardner, president of Climax Action. "With the Solent studio recently completing work on the critically-acclaimed Sudeki, and the London division working on a massive action licence, now is the perfect time to bring these respected studios together.?

It?s rather interesting that Gardner refers to Sudeki as being critically acclaimed; perhaps he just meant to say mauled. It's an easy mistake to make.

Unabashed, he continues, ?And by combining one team's experience with first-person shooters with the other team's expertise in third-person and vehicle games, we've created a studio that is geared-up to produce truly outstanding action games.?

Great stuff.


Svend Joscelyne 1 Dec 2004 14:08
"...first-person shooters with the other team's expertise in third-person and vehicle games..."

Worrying how that could turn out :P
But having said that, it's happened with Halo (well, the third-person bit is the vehicle bit, but you get what I'm saying).

I just hope the merge in three studios doesn't mean a clash in conflicting ideas and game aspects. Things like that always affect a game, sometimes for the worst. =|
config 7 Dec 2004 19:06
"Leading UK-based development monster Climax"

I played Crash n Burn on Xbox this afternoon.

It's by Climax.

It's s**t.

The press screens make it look a super lush affair. It's actually a dull crash 'em up in the mold of Destruction Derby, with graphics barely batter those seen in Burnout (that's Burnout 1, BTW)

It held my attention for about three races.

kid_77 7 Dec 2004 19:31
I concur, it's turd.
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