New GBA SP special edition even uglier than Shrek

Thankfully it's not available over here...

Posted by Staff
In a slight twist to our regular feature ? ?cool things that you can?t have?, we bring you the mildly refreshing news that one of the latest GBA SP limited edition re-designs, released in the US last week; and thusly unavailable to our European readers, is not at all cool. In fact, it?s a bit hideous. This orange/green 70s style colour scheme celebrates not only bad taste, but also Shrek 2 ? and its GBA spin-off games.

That?s not to say that absolutely no-one wants one. Indeed, the SPOnG London office currently boasts a sick-green/Miss Piggy-pink colour combination, and this SP might just offset the overwhelming visual impact of the shelves that surround us.

Meanwhile, the latest Euro special edition ?Pink? SP is just very, very pink and, by comparison, looks subtly refined and extremely sophisticated.

If the news slows down again, we may or may not be back with fresh information of ?not particularly cool things that you can?t have?. Stay tuned!


Joji 5 Nov 2004 15:12
Nice option if you are an army recruit on the move. Bit of strange choice for GBASP though.
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