PAL Metroid Prime 2: 60 Hz only

Key title opts to ditch the switch

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PAL Metroid Prime 2: 60 Hz only
Nintendo Europe has made the shock decision to remover 50/60 Hz switching from its upcoming release of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, with the game seeing only 60 Hz mode available.

This will mean that older TV sets in the UK will struggle to support the game, locking out certain elements of the games-buying community, a strange decision for Nintendo to have made, given that providing a switchable option is now taken as a given.

Nintendo made the following statemen to SPOnG this morning:

?Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, launching on November 26th 2004 will be compatible with all PAL TVs that support 60Hz. We want players to enjoy Metroid Prime 2: Echoes in the highest quality possible and PAL 60Hz allows this, giving full screen usage, an intensely sharp picture and the game running at optimal speed. The majority of televisions in Europe support 60Hz, however there is a small percentage that can only support programs at 50Hz. There will be a clear message on the exterior packaging of the game communicating this, as well as an explanation inside the instruction manual.?

Nintendo also stated that if anyone buys the game and doesn?t have the TV power to run it, a full refund will be offered.



Joji 3 Nov 2004 13:51
Damn, I can see little Tommy wanting to play his M2 on Xmas morning.

"Why isn't this working, mum?" Mum is not technically minded or know anything about the video, let alone games, so she can't help.

Bit of a shame when majority of games give you this dual option anyway, I don't see the point in alienating more customers. So many people are gonna miss out, it's bloody like Majora's Mask (minus the 64MB N64 upgrade) all over again. At least you can get your money back.
DoctorDee 3 Nov 2004 14:24
At 60Hz, it's not (strictly speaking) a PAL title at all. The PAL specification states 50Hz.
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Alan is my first name 4 Nov 2004 00:12
...why do I have no idea what the hell any of this means?

In America, all TVs are created equal! Except for Zenith TVs. They suck.
Rod Todd 4 Nov 2004 07:11
Alan Is my first name wrote:
...why do I have no idea what the hell any of this means?

In America, all TVs are created equal! Except for Zenith TVs. They suck.

Dude, the geek part of me wants to point out that we have HDTV and NTSC TVs and they are FAR from equal.

And the political part of me wants to point out that with another four years of Bush, TV formats are FAR from our biggest worry right now.

And then the calm, reasonable part of me wants to explainthat Metroid Prime 2 is gonna be in their colour system at our frequency.
Kaxxx 4 Nov 2004 12:38
What TV's these days dont have a 60hz option though? Personally i havent came across one in years, maybe some portables and others dont but anything recent at all will be able to run 60hz.

As long as companies such as GAME and others point this out to the customer then it shouldnt be too much of a problem and if you own a GameCube etc then the chances are you have a half decent telly.

Should have had the option but hey!
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