Marvelous Japanese flavours for PAL region ? Rising Star Games is born

New London office catering for Europe

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Marvelous Japanese flavours for PAL region – Rising Star Games is born
Traditionally speaking, there has been a considerable rift between Japanese and European markets, with many more cultish titles never seeing release outside of Japan. Finally, it seems that gap might be closing. The Japanese market is slowing, and indeed, some argue their tastes are falling in line with those of the West.

However, as Japanese companies are beginning to evaluate the potential for profit in PAL regions, we may see Western gamers falling under the spell of characteristically Japanese titles. Ignition Entertainment has been praised for bringing into Europe selected SNK classics; Nintendo has conceded to release games like Animal Crossing over here; and now Marvelous Entertainment is also taking the plunge.

This coming November, with financial backing from Swedish publisher Bergsala AB, Marvelous will be setting up a new company in London, called Rising Star Games. Initially, this office will deal mainly with the distribution of Marvelous games. Previous output has included gems like Harvest Moon as well as the GBA?s Neo Blood King of Fighters rendition, and Rising Star is expected to continue along this tack.

What Rising Star Games' first project will be has yet to be confirmed, although we can expect an update towards the end of the year, by which time the staff should be cosily nestled in their new offices.


Joji 26 Oct 2004 13:18
That's good news, we need more cultured japanese games because apart from the typical american culture taking over the planet.

Hope their first game is something cool.

Brown Force 26 Oct 2004 15:08
Good news...if not a little late for me anyway. Soon I'll be able to import and play PS2 games (getting a certain chip for my PS2) which is frowned upon by many, but how else bar paying 130 can I play the likes of Suikoden III and exsprience the strange titles of Japan.

Ether way good news non the less. :)
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