Super Monkey Ball Deluxe rolls into Europe next spring

Bargain monkey malarkey for PS2 and Xbox

Posted by Staff
SPOnG has a bit of a thing for Super Monkey Ball. The first two Gamecube outings helped make the world a better place; and also gave ?Cube owners the right to look smug and self-satisfied, peering down their noses at less well-informed shoppers perusing titles that didn?t involve monkeys in balls.

Soon, after what must seem like rather a long wait, PS2 and Xbox owners can get a chance to see what all the fuss is about, when Super Monkey Ball Deluxe arrives in Europe in the spring of 2005. SMB Deluxe should also be the best value package in the series. It compiles courses and mini-games from the first two versions, throws in a whole load more ? bringing the total track tally to 300, and should retail at a wallet-friendly price point. It?s going to be thirty ?bucks? in America; so Europe can expect something around the 20 - 30 mark That?s an awesome deal by any measure.

Thank you Sega, have yourself a banana.


Joji 21 Oct 2004 13:53
Nice deal worth bagging even if you hate monkey in balls. You can have much fun in planning their demise.

SMB has universal appeal, and this game will help other see what good stuff GC has been enjoying. Another gem rediscovered on GC after Viewtiful Joe.

20-30 quids is a good deal so I'll have to buy this for sure.
Kaxxx 22 Oct 2004 11:42
Very good proce with plenty in there for your money i reckon. Hardly worth investing in if you have played 1 & 2 but im sure there are loads of people out there who havent played it at all.

Its probably worth the money alone for Monkey Target.
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