Pro Evo 5 tackles PS2 online, Pro Evo 6 looks PS3-wards

Konami's superb footy title continues to evolve

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Pro Evo 5 tackles PS2 online, Pro Evo 6 looks PS3-wards
Shingo ?Seabass? Taktsuka, the master of all things Pro Evo and Soccer has given a recent interview on the Konami website. Clearly chuffed with the immediate success of Pro Evo 4, Seabass went on to outline the future of the series.

A quick tap of the teacup and the leaves said two important things. Number one: there will be a Pro Evolution Soccer 5. Number two: there will be a Pro Evolution Soccer 6. Indeed, the Winning Eleven team is already working on PES 5 for PS2; which Seabass hopes to take online, it?s not a promise, but it does seem likely ?I?m pretty sure we?re going to have online on PES5 for PS2?, said he.

Pro Evo 6, on the other hand, is destined for the next generation of consoles. Seabass expects the game to follow in its precedented direction, suggesting that improved motion capture and player movements, as well as improved AI would be some of the things to be addressed in the next-gen. And as for adjusting the multiplayer/online options, Seabass did make the interesting claim, ?We always say that our final goal is to have eleven versus eleven.?

There was no update on the state of the PSP version of Winning Eleven, something that many prospective PSP owners are keeping a close eye on, but we shall certainly keep our ear to the ground for that one. And until then, we?ll just keep playing Pro Evo 4.


Joji 21 Oct 2004 13:42
Good news for footy fans, but kind of expected. Now tell me about other plans for other games.

Give us something else like some secret characters to play as, Solid Snake or someone. A hidden Foxhound football team would be nice.
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