Spandex rage ? WWE bribery shame claims emerge

Insert next wrestling joke here

Posted by Staff
Avoiding yet another pun-heavy piece concerning wrestlers, it has come to light this morning that a bribery row at World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) threatens to engulf the firm?s profitable relationship with the games industry.

Specifically, former WWE senior vice president of licensing and merchandising, James Bell, along with licensing agent Stanley Shenker & Associates have been accused of taking bungs for licensing deals within the games sector. Allegedly, the former WWE employee accepted a bribe from Jakks as an attempt to secure the WWE licence for itself and THQ.

Certain reports breaking right now state that WWE will be seeking to have all licensing agreements annulled, though this cannot be confirmed at time of press. Sources close to the projects talking to SPOnG this morning were baffled by the news.

We?ll let you know how it all pans out.


Joji 21 Oct 2004 02:13
So it was all a big panto show after all? I bet this is just part of the WWE's latest cheesy storyline.

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