Pro Evolution kills FIFA

UK charts see Konami rampant

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Pro Evolution kills FIFA
Sometimes, it might be easy to get a little upset by the games-buying mainstream. Seemingly so happy to be led by the nose, snapping up anything advertised alongside Coronation Street, an endless stream of meritless nonsense hits the number one slot in the UK.

However, good news today sees Konami?s Pro Evolution Soccer 4 for PlayStation enter the UK charts all-formats at number one, great news for everyone, even your mum.

And Konami UK has the added bonus of dethroning the astoundingly inferior FIFA 2005 from the top, all good. In other top of the charts news, Fable slips to number four while Tony Hawk?s Underground 2 nestles into number three.

All that and we didn?t make any jokes about the number two slot. Perhaps we?re losing our touch.

In other news, SPOnG is playing in the Pro Evo 4 Media Cup tonight, to be held at the ground of a recently-humiliated Premiership football club. Hopefully this year, we?ll make it past the initial knock-out stages given the massive dedication we have shown the series of late.

And in yet more news, SPOnG expects to have the world?s first online full-power hands-on preview of the Xbox version of Pro Evo 4 in the coming week or so. Keep it locked, etc?



NickSCFC 19 Oct 2004 11:10
Finally, PES is getting the recognition it deserves. EA can no longer rely on silly advertising to sell its FIFA Football games.
ryohazuki-san 19 Oct 2004 11:18
At last.............PES4 has shown the world to be the best footie game ever!!! And now I must go and kick some butt on there!!! Adios!
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Kaxxx 19 Oct 2004 11:26
Fifa 2005 isnt THAT bad a game though, definetly second place to ProEvo but its still not a bad game.

Good to see ProEvo finally getting the break it deserves though and finally people are relising that the license doesnt mean everything to a footie game.

Ive only played a few games of PES4 as im holding out for the XBox version but im sure it will easily outsell Fifa on that platform as well. Fifa's only saving grace is the gamecube, and thats hardly anything to get excited about TBH.
Joji 19 Oct 2004 11:43
I have to agree with you Kaxxx, FIFA isn't as bad as it used to be. Pro Evo is still top in my book though.

Konami have had that certain something in their games from ISS on SNES to Pro Evo in the present.

Maybe the japanese understand football and games more than the canadians at EA, but the gap is getting shorter as each year passes.

lewdvig 20 Oct 2004 02:26
Poor Parma, they get spanked even in the videogame. Looks like Mexes is about to put one past Frey.

Nice to see EA getting a big healthy slice of humble pie. Over here in NA they still sell lots of units, but folks are learning that Konami kung fu is best.

I just tried PES/W11 last year for the first time. I still remember the initial game - the goal mouth scrambles and crazy deflections were so life like. I was an instant convert.

The PC version has a patch that adds all the player names to the game. This tweak, coupled with the great detail and comprehensive attention to all teams - even my modest Parma - make for an unbeatable combination.

FIFA should give Konami a license.
Kaxxx 20 Oct 2004 11:36
The game definetly warrants an official license but ive never been really too bothered. Ive always changed the Premiership team names and its not that much hassel TBH. It would be good to see the OfFicial Xbox Magazine give a patch away for free to do that for you but i dont even know how possible that idea is.
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