Championship Manager 5 in trouble

Eidos takes another hit as key title delayed

Posted by Staff
Championship Manager 5 in trouble
It's more bad news for Eidos this morning: Championship Manager 5 will be delayed, compounding events last week that saw Eidos shares take a nosedive.

In a filing to analysts made public, Eidos states that technical issues are dogging the project, though no mention of a revised release date has been made.

It is now widely predicted that the update to the series, in development at new franchise partner Beautiful Game Studios, will fail to make it to retail before Christmas, dire news for the unproven title if true.

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covmat 18 Oct 2004 17:09
Great news for Sports Interactive! Everyone knows Football Manager will be the game to buy anyway, and now they'll be able to beat Eidos to the shelves. Although it would be wise to finish the game this time... CM4 straight out of the box was embarrassing.
Joji 18 Oct 2004 21:36
Just plain weird to see the mighty Eidos in such a state now. Though dancing on their bones while they are still kicking isn't nice I hope they mangae to pull through.

It's days like this you remember who your friends and fans are that feed your pockets. If they get back on their feet lets hope they don't forget.

Man, I can hear the folk at Sports Interactive/Sega rubbing their hands already.
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