Warhammer Online: The game that wouldn’t die

Climax confirms MMORPG resurrection

Posted by Staff
Warhammer Online: The game that wouldn’t die
As our standfirst states, Climax has indeed confirmed that Warhammer Online, the recently-canned MMORPG has been rescued from digital oblivion with a new stint of development.

As you may be aware, Sega Europe signed the game last year, prompting many to, well, stand around looking at each other in total bewilderment.

Games Workshop and Climax had voiced concerns that the project’s costs were spiralling out of control and that the game might consequently fall short of expectations. And aware of the extreme dedication (and thus possible disappointment) of avid Warhammer fans, agreed to cancel the entire project.

However, this decision has been reversed, with Climax independently pushing the project ahead.

No publisher details are available at time of press.


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